The Lambs 2007, Lewis Hardee and Marc Baron, compilers. Cushing-Malloy, Ann Arbor MI

The Lambs’ Script 1997-Current, co-Editor, Seaway Printing, Southport NC. Official periodical of The Lambs., Inc, the oldest professional theatrical organization in America.

New Method for Loading a Narrow Separation Column, Journal of Chemical Education, March 1988.

Brothers in Stone (currently researching/writing) An illustrated biography of the Viennese born sculptors Josef Josephu, and Florian Josephu. Brothers and rivals. Their careers began during the time of Gustav Klimt, and the people they knew reflect a rich history of the art and times of early 20th Century Vienna.


Winner Takes All  w/ Joe Cirillo and Ralph Ciardulli. Genre: Suspense/Slasher. A group of college students are being killed off during a survivalist/paintball game. Now up for sale.

MegaBall$   Genre: Comedy. When a computer geek, determined to prove he can mathematically predict winning lotto results, uncovers his plan has been bankrolled by the Mob, he struggles to beat the odds before his number’s up. Numerous competition recognitions. In pre-production by Oroloro Thirty Three Festival Recognitions including Film Utah Pitch (2nd Pl), World Series of Screenwriting (Finalist), Die Laughing (Finalist), Film Daily (Finalist), Filmatic Comedy (Top-10), Filmmakers Intl (Top 10), Hollywood Hills (Finalist), Las Vegas (Best Comedy), Florida Comedy Fest (Diamond Award), Pitch Now (Top 10), Austin After Dark (Best Comedy), Goldstar Movie Awrads (Best Comedy),  Waikiki Beach (Best Action Screenplay) and NY Script Awards (Honorable Mention).

Love of a Lifetime Genre: Comedy/Fantasy. Based on the play written by Richard Wolf. An angel wannabe is sent on his final mission, which he believes is to help two neighboring couples of different generations fix their marital problems, only to find that he is his own mission.

Who Ya Wit?  Genre: Comedy. w/ John Scott.

Don’t Call Me Cisco  Genre: Western/Comedy. Set during the 1800’s Wild West along the Texas-Mexico border, this comedy of errors follows the antics of a group of would-be banditos who cross the Rio Grande, determined to be heroes in their home town by returning with stolen riches. Due to their incompetence and poor timing, they become heroes of the town they planned to rob.

Comeback in Vienna Genre: Romantic Comedy. Loosely based on the play “Hot Properties,” written by Richard Wolf, directed by Marc Baron. On the eve of a Vienna film festival honoring an aging female Hollywood star, her presume-dead, ex-costar, ex-husband shows up, steals the attention, professes his love, and pitches a film to reunite them on-screen and off. This Hollywood satire is a tour de farce for its two leads. The screenplay has won recognition from 26 festivals, including Best Comedy screenplay (Prague, Portland,GIL Int’l), Best Feature (Seattle Movie Awards, Austria Billiant Indie Film), Best Foreign Screenplay (Chicago Film Fest),  and Best Romantic screenplay (Gold Star Movie Awards, Waikiki Bch Film Fest, Texast Short Film Fest), Honorable Mention (Golden Lemur, Portugal, Stage To Screen. Other festival laurels from Bucharest, Austria, Czech Repub, London, Hamburg, Reno, Austin. Currently in development with JewelLabs Pictures of Austria.

Second Team (currently writing). Genre: Mob Comedy. A stand-in for a major star is mistakenly kidnapped by the Mob. Set in the behind-the-scenes of a film set, this Prince and the Pauper variation leads the main characters on a trip of self-learning.

Blue Shirts Genre: Police Drama. Inspired by real events during the 1960’s Tong Wars in New York’s’ Chinatown. A special diverse squad, assembled under the leadership of the first Chinese Americans to serve on the NYPD, is deployed to combat youth gangs. Follow the squad as they struggle in action sequences to find who the mysterious person behind the gangs.

Many of these are being developed by myself and business partner Joe Cirillo, as Oroloro Entertainment LLC.