My Family Heritage

My grandfather, Josef Josephu, was a well known Viennese sculptor, as was his rival brother, Florian Josephu-Drouot.  Josef emigrated to the US in September 1939, along with my grandmother, Olga, and my mother, Micaela. My entire life was exposed to his art, with many statues in our home – which are mostly now in my Manhattan apartment. He left behind many photos of his work, and a bread-crumb trail of their identities and whereabouts, and even less information about our family. My mother had some information — and now, as I search through my history I find — misinformation….and I found and reconnected to a family thought lost for over 60 years.  The result is a book titled “Brothers in Stone,” an illustrated biography of these two brothers and rivals.

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I have been spending many years researching my heritage and I have connected to family thought gone for over 65 years. I’ve made several extended trips to Vienna,  in December of 2014 and most recently, October 2017, and with much joy reunited with my European family. The family tree is extensive and filled with a variety of impressive people including musicians, artists, actors, a Knight and some Barons.

My grandfather knew many famous artists of the time including Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Oskar Kokoschka. Ivan Mestrovic, the famed Croatian sculptor was married into the family. My grandmother was a concert pianists and cousin to Gustav Mahler. My mother attended school with Hedy Lamarr in Vienna. In December 202 I was awarded dual citizenship with Austria.

Should you have a piece by Josef or Florian I welcome inquiries and photos.

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