3Marc Baron

Member of SAG-AFTRA and Actors’ Equity; SAG-AFTRA Board 14 years.

Marc comes from a family filled with artistic talent. His grandfather, Josef Josephu, was a respected sculptor from Vienna who emerged from Gustav Klimt’s Secession Movement and went to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts with Egon Schiele, Josef Josephu. His grandmother was a classic pianist in Vienna and a cousin to Gustav Mahler. Marc’s mother, a singer/dancer in Vienna, went to school with Hedy Lamarr, and her cousin Otto Waldis was an actor who began his film career in Fritz Lang’s “M.” Other family tree members include Florian Zajic a renowned violinist, the Viktor von Drouot, mayor of Linz, Austria, who was knighted by Emperor Franz Josef…and distantly to director Milos Forman. Marc is researching and writing a biography on his grandfather and his brother, Florian – who were rival sculptors – titled “Brothers in Stone.” Marc is a dual citizen with Austria.

Marc Baron first began performing in grade school, and later, in high school, he began writing and directing many school projects. He continued acting, singing and directing while studying in Pace University, NYC, where the department head, Joseph Miranne, took Marc on as a protégé. Marc was titled the ‘Most likely to succeed’ by the college theatre club.

After service in US Naval intelligence, Marc continued his studies at Pace, then at NY’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts and H. B. Studios. Fred Kelly (director, choreographer, and brother of Gene Kelly) became Marc’s friend and muse, mentoring him in the early stages of his career. Fred, who taught Gene how to dance and was a well known director of early television, brought Marc into The Lambs, America’s first professional theatrical club. Marc began acting, singing, writing, directing and managing productions for The Lambs and now serves its 35th Shepherd (President). Marc is a multi-term member of the NY Board of SAG-AFTRA, and he served on the Council of the Episcopal Actors Guild, a charity for actors, and is the President of The Lambs Foundation, a theater-based charity.

Professionally, some films Marc has appeared in include Mortal Thoughts, Big, The Believer and Bullets Over Broadway. He is known as the stand-in and photo-double to the stars; Hugh Grant nicknamed him the ‘Lon Chaney of stand-ins’ for his ability to physically imitate numerous actors on one set. He has worked with actors including Dustin Hoffman, Matthew Broderick, Michael J. Fox, Sean Penn, Sean Connery…and with cinematographers Carlo DiPalma, Don Thorin, Bill Fraker, Laslo Kovacs and Zhao Fei; each offered filmmaking insights only found by working on a real film set. Marc is frequently working in play readings all over New York.

While working on the set of Family Business, and keeping busy doing some writing, Matthew Broderick read the work, shared it with Dustin Hoffman, and the two encouraged Marc to start writing. Since then Marc has doctored, co-written more than a dozen projects, and his first solo work, a comedy about computer geeks, the lotto and the Mob, titled MegaBall$ is now financing through is company, Oroloro Entertainment, formed with business partner Jose Cirillo. Their creative team hold every major award except an Oscar. The screenplay has been been recognized by 33 film festivals.  Marc’s “unromantic comedy,” Comeback on Vienna, has already won 23 script awards from international festivals, and has been optioned for production in Vienna, Austria, with Marc directing.