Marc began directing as early has high-school where he rant the school drama club for two years, often co-writing sketch material. In college, Marc’s training included acting, scenic design, lighting, make-up, and stage craft. Early in his career, Marc became the go-to stand-in on New York film sets. Rather than sit and wait to be called, Marc would stay close to camera and ask questions of the director, cinematographer, and other key team members to better learn the craft. He spend 7 weeks with Sidney Lumet, explaining almost every shot. Sidney was doing his own research that led to writing his book, Making Movies.  Mark spent four months on-set with Woody Allen, again as a stand-in, but again being right ‘there’ and absorbing all he could about filmmaking.

Marc has directed numerous play readings, and directed the psychological-comedy The Gershwin Factor (sold-out),  two episodes of the California-based cable talk show, Talking over Coffee, and the musical Bookstore (a reading of a new musical for Manhattan’s prestigious York Theater).  Marc is now gearing up to direct the feature film comedy, MegaBall$.